Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yay, first real thing!

Well, time to introduce myself (After... 2 days?). I'm SLI Fox, but you can just call me SLI. I have a shitload of interests, the ones most notable are interests in Aviation and Anthropomorphism (Yea, yea. I know. So what if I'm one of "those people".) and music. I enjoy live theater, Shooting stuff and partaking in debates, as long as they make sense. I'm usually out doing shit or talking to people, and my laptop goes wherever I go; so I'm usually online on msn for talking/etc (Don't ask for my msn, only certain people have it).

Well, that was short. Next topic!
Well, I hate people more by the day. A shitload of people I know are fucking dramatic at times, they're usually coming to me whining about "Oh, X and X person did this and that to me!". I'm starting to get fucking tired of it.
/end rant


  1. hai there back from high school being a freshie suckssss! oh no!!! anyways i did the daily loop of your page *wink* *wink* if u know what i mean circlebuddy! well wanna return the favor!!! psssst! love your blog <3 :D -Ashley